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Formal wear made simple
Formal wear made simple

Dress like you mean it

Formal events are tough. I never like what I see in the stores. Fussy gowns, frou-frous and sequins galore, not my style. Tight, slinky dresses even less! Probably not yours either (unless you are Barbie,a model or in your twenties)! Haute couture has a lot to offer but everything is way over my budget. There are other solutions to this problem.

The dress shown here is an Alexander McQueen, selected with care and with the help of Patricia at Albright Fashion Library, 62 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003. 


Albright fashion library is a rental business that can dress women for any occasion. They do it SO well. You will see the dress, coat, hand bag and even the shoes. Nothing had to be done. It was perfect and the best part? I didn't have to find a place to hang it all afterwards. (New Yorkers can relate to this better than anyone). 

There are a host of other rental places, some of them very inexpensive but availability is scarce. Plan ahead, that's what I would say. Also, it is really important to know your size. Last but not least, if they are near you, go and try everything on! Nothing looks like a picture when worn. 

It's good to have a few black dresses on hand. They can always be accessorized to suit any occasion and as they say in Paris "La petite robe noire" is really a good wardrobe investment. 

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