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French Morning Party
French Morning Party

Williamburg rocks under the bridge

French Morning party in the evening celebrates a decade


The online newspaper, "French Morning" celebrated it's 10th anniversary on Sunday, June 11th, 2017. Emmanuel Saint-Martin, founder of the company, hosted a grand celebration aptly named  "A day at the farm" at an outdoor garden space in Williamsburg, NY. 

After a full afternoon of gourmet food sampling, compliments of 10 French chefs, food and fun, a fancy "al fresco" dinner party "An evening at the farm" was held under the stars, in between the  Williamsburg bridge and former Domino Sugar factory. Chef Laurent Kalkotour (of restaurants Atrium Dumbo and Beasts & Bottles) served up a delicious 5 course meal complete with wine pairings.  Everyone enjoyed the cool summer breeze that evening, especially after a very hot afternoon. Guests were festively dressed for the occasion and 3 bands (Matthieu Eveillard, So French Cabaret and Yarnell) played through the night. Some events are somewhat over planned, staid or just plain boring but this one was all out quirky-meets -down-home fun, in evening attire. A few of us arrived on time, all dressed and nowhere to sit, litterally. The afternoon event was still winding down but all the more incentive to find other awkward "early birds" and strike up some lively discussions on folding chairs, as mountain bikes performed wheelies and kicked the dust around us. Soon enough though, we were invited to take our seats alongside the rows of vegetables, at our listing tables just in time to enjoy a spectacular sun set. A lot of laughter and a great mix of people made for a special evening.

So what is French Morning and who reads it?

The e-magazine caters to the French speaking community and covers local francophile events in New York, Washington DC , Los Angeles, Texas and San Francisco. There is a column I love named "The silly question (question bête), which answers such mundane topics such as "What's with the yearly tradition of ugly Christmas sweaters ?" or "Why is a 1rst floor in France a 2nd floor in the US?" , or even better "learn 10 things about football to avoid looking foolish at Super Bowl time". There is also an English edition for those who don't speak French called "Frenchly" as well as an online shopping page called "Le Marché" which offers all those special things from home. I heard the number one bestseller was Mousline, a puree-instant-mashed-potato-mix. Go figure...

Congratulations to Emmanuel and his talented team on their tenth year. May there be many more to come!

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