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Annie Landenberger in her Williamsville home
Annie Landenberger in her Williamsville home

Iconic Annie Landenberger

No time to slow down

Read through the long list of Annie's accomplishments and you will see just how much work she puts into everything she does. It is not so much about the degrees, awards and honors bestowed upon her but more about her innate gift of dealing with people. She was a respected high school teacher for more than twenty years, had a successful career in marketing for the arts, directed a program of five productions that toured in China, directed countless plays, is an Airbnb host, is a singer in an acoustic duo and oh! Lest I forget, she writes as well! That must be in her spare time...

Some A-typish personalities are hard to follow, but who would not want to be around someone with such a positive attitude and affable smile? Annie embodies a proud sense of achievement rarely present these days. She seems to be everywhere, doing everything, but what she loves the most are the performing arts. She tirelessly works for performers and as one herself. 

Ann Costelloe Landenberger was born in Manhattan. She grew up in a lively Long Island household where she was exposed to the theatre at a young age, thanks to her mother who was active in community theatre and brought young Annie along to rehearsals. The whole creative process and especially the idea of pretending to be somebody else appealed to her and was the beginning of the driving force that got her involved starting at 6 years of age. She made up scripts and put a creative spin on a neighborhood production of Peter Pan. In third grade she toured with a children's show as the "girl with the lollipop". She kept involved in theatre through elementary school and all through her high school years, but really got serious while at Brown University. After earning a MA in drama from UVA, she returned to Brown for a teaching degree. She married, had three boys and the family left for Williamsville, Vermont,  where she continued her teaching career at Leland and Gray, the local high school. 

She recently retired from teaching and is  actively involved in the community. She founded the Rock River Players in 2015, for which she directed a number of plays and brought back the beloved, traditional yearly talent show.

Annie is a vital part of the community, she brings so many people together to share her love of the arts. . Do not be fooled into thinking she will ever slow down, not in this lifetime, that's for sure!

I hope you will watch her video clip and send me your comments.

Annie Landenberger, awards, honors and degrees:

BA in theatre/English, Brown University

MA in Drama,  University of Virgina

Teaching degree , Brown University

Audience Development for Trinity Rep.in Providence, Rhode Island and for Jacob's Pillow Festival in the Berkshires, Massachusetts.

Co-founder of Journey East, Leland & Gray High School Sino-American Performing Arts Exchange (which toured in China)

State recipient of the 2017 Vermont Principal's Association Heart of the Arts award.


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