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 Hurry! Le Best Shopping at French Wink.
Hurry! Le Best Shopping at French Wink.

Le best shopping at French Wink.

Discover French style pop-ups. 


The shopping frenzy is on. Stores are all decked out in Christmas glitz and shoppers are enticed with desperate sales everywhere. But maybe you want a different shopping experience this year? No craft shows, department stores or shopping malls. What about unique, creative and beautiful gifts from France? It would delight that francophile friend or family member without the expense of a round trip ticket to Paris. Introducing French Wink: a pop-up store sensation featuring transient, exclusive and unique products from France. 

French Wink was created by two French ladies.: Myline Descamps and Claire Obry. (See below). 


Their Background: how they met.

They met like many young women, through their children! Myline was the class parent of Claire's child in a bilingual public school on the Upper West side of Manhattan. As soon as they met, something clicked. They shared similar business backgrounds and were interested in a new business model. Myline came to the United States 5 years ago, before that she spent 12 years in Asia. She graduated with a degree in international affairs in Paris and received an MBA in trade exchange & development, Southeast Asia. She started an import business of artisinal goods from Laos and Thailand targetting the Japanese and European markets. It was she who helped make a structured and clear business plan that seriously launched their project: French Wink. The company started in September 2016.

Claire graduated in Political Science and later got her MBA. When she arrived in New York about six years ago, she quickly realized how difficult it is for French startups to gain exposure in the U.S. French Wink came about as a means for these companies to get a start. The appeal of an experienced intermediary is a safe way for small French business ventures to test the American market. Pop-up stores give them a venue to introduce their products without excessive costs and risks which can often be fatal for the unfamiliar. Businesses interested in their services buy a membership plan. There is an annual fee to join, which includes visibility on their website, promotion on social media and in some cases merchandise storage. It is a brick and click concept, put together by French Wink and their partnership with an organizer who finds pop-up locations throughout the year, and can be tailored to specific themes or categories. The events can take place in lavish venues as well as modest, tiny spaces anywhere in the city. They operate on a "shared economy" business model. Once the events are over, French Wink gives members a comprehensive performance graph, with itemized sales results for their records. 

Claire described their role to American consumers as storytellers.   

The business also operates as an e-shop found on their website: www.frenchwink.com, 




The big event took place from December 11 to December 17 in a magnificent 3000 sq feet space, their theme was entirely "100% Made in France", filled with products of exclusive craftmanship.They ranged from fashion, home decor, a kids corner, gourmet food, virtual experiences and even tickets to French movie premieres.  rendez-vous.frenchwink.com

Stay tuned to their Facebook page for upcoming events: www.facebook.com/events/ 1889092208085563/


 Myline and Claire cannot wait to meet you! 

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