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Photo courtesy of J. McLaughlin
Photo courtesy of J. McLaughlin


J. McLaughlin

American style meets preppy fun

Holiday parties mean party outfits.  If you have several to go to, even just a few, it's nice to add a bit of glitz to your wardrobe for those special occasions. J. McLaughlin offers just that and a lot more to take you through the years in just about every season for all occasions. As of now, they can dress the most discerning fashionista aka "party animal" (just watch the video).


                                                                Photos courtesy of J. McLaughlin 

Who they are  

I first stumbled upon one of their stores in the Carnegie Hill neighborhood of New York City years ago. The woman who worked there was very friendly and helpful. Being in the store was like being in someone's living room, cozy and intimate. The bright clothing looked very much like what I saw around college campuses, pretty preppy, only cut much better and made to fit - impeccably - and what a selection! Decisions are difficult to make in these cases...

It's nice to see a business that sticks to an image that works. They don't deviate and remain up to date classy-classic. That's why I like them and it appears others do too since they now have 115 stores, just sayin'.... 

At the moment their collection is brimming with glitter, plaid and fabulous "little black dresses" just in time for the holidays.

Les Messieurs collection

But wait! That's not the end of it. Men too can update their style and have a grand time trying on those fun slacks with Martini glass motifs up and down the legs. Just imagine, Martini britches without the hangover, now that's a clever move! Not to be outdone by drinks dahlin', Scottish loving fellows can choose from an array of lovely wool plaid pants (I am partial to the red ones). Fun pants aside, their shirts, cashmere sweaters and even ties are worth a visit to see the whole collection.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Martini pants!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

                         Photos courtesy of J.McLaughlin


You can have the whole family dress in one motif, even the kids. Their cheerful prints also consider fashionable little ones


                   The children's collection - photo courtesy of J. McLaughlin                      

 ABOUT J.MCLAUGHLIN (by Kevin McLaughlin, Creative Director)

J.McLaughlin was founded 40 years ago by two brothers, Kevin and Jay McLaughlin, in 1977. Their goal was to create a new American sportswear brand based in New York and built on several basic concepts: classic clothes with current relevance, sold in a friendly retail environment that has a neighborhood feel. With over 115 retail locations, J.McLaughlin occupies some of the most picturesque main-street real estate in America.

True to the vision of the McLaughlin brothers, the stores have a warmly residential feel and exemplary customer service. “Being a good neighbor” is central to the brand’s approach to business, and J.McLaughlin values being a welcome and active member of each community in which it operates. The company also operates a fully responsive digital flagship at http://www.jmclaughlin.com/. The company is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.


                                      Kevin and Jay McLaughlin, photo Courtesy of Hamptons.com                                    

 Check out the photos the company was kind enough to send on and also some of the pictures I had so much fun taking with the staff members at the 72nd street store on Lexington Avenue. I look forward to a follow-up article when I meet with the McLaughlin brothers in the New Year, stay tuned for more about them! 

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