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ruffle neck pullover sweater, photo courtesy of J.Crew
ruffle neck pullover sweater, photo courtesy of J.Crew

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My "Styleservations" for Spring

(photo above courtesy of J.Crew)

We've had a few warm days which have provided some respite from the long haul of this year's brutal winter. Cabin fever gets everyone in gear for a change and out of the house looking for Spring. It's only March mind you, but that did not stop the first signs of Spring, just a week ago when the temperature shot up to 70℉. Below are a few photos taken in Central Park.


          1) Frolicking on the grass in various stages of undress         

2) Couch potatoes take note: here's a good way to read a book 

Now that the warm fantasy has gone with the wind, we can spend some time in preparation for the real thing. The common thread this season is longer skirts, prim and pleated, as shown in some of the magazine clippings from the 1920's below:



And here is history repeated, although no skirt could be found today for 35 cents...



1) Long pleated lightweight skirt, courtesy of Eileen Fisher           

2) Long pleated rayon skirt in the window of Agnes b.

The advantage of the long length and pleats is that these skirts are a great seasonal transition. Dress them up with a silk shirt or a long sweater, wear opaque or sheer tights and just about any type of shoe AND they are really practical - also they're feather weight - for easy packing. They don't require ironing, a steamer will do just fine. When traveling, just hang them up in the bathroom after showering. 

My next styleservation is bodysuits (yes, they are back, for better or for worse). With shelves brimming with high waisted jeans, shirts need to stay tucked in for a polished look. Good ol' J.Crew had a few I really liked. 


J.Crew stretch tailored "perfect bodysuit", silk: $118.00 (middle photo: courtesy of J.Crew). J.Crew stretch "perfect bodysuit", cotton/elastane: $78.00

Also featured at J.Crew are a few JUMPSUITS, also a 1970's throwback. I found one that I thought to be quite chic, for day-into-night sort of thing, if you have harried and full schedules. 


Drapey wrap-back jumpsuit, available in Black and Berry. $90.00  (Photos courtesy of J. Crew)

Personally, I am not sure flat mules are so flattering. I would go for a good pair of ballerina flats or some mile high heels, if you can tolerate them...

While still at J.Crew, I found some very nice Ballet flats.  

"Evie Ballet Flats" J.Crew (prices range from $98.00 -$170.00) 


 If you really want the best, Repetto has the crème de la crème. A simple but very stylish shoe, "Lili Ballerina" flat (Repetto: $365.00)

A note about Repetto: Rose Repetto created her first ballet shoe in 1947 for her son, Roland Petit, in her tiny workshop close to The Opera de Paris. The streetwear ballet flat, was created in 1956 for Brigitte Bardot and since then worn by many stylish Parisian women. 

Check out some of the other finds for this Spring, by clicking on the "photos" tab below.               

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