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Pinko: Pink Tweed Jacket
Pinko: Pink Tweed Jacket

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What's out there?

It's good to know where to go, just in case you need a wardrobe addition, and not have to wander in and out of stores that clearly do not cater to your style. Just knowing the direction some of these brands lean is important in itself. Based on some of the marketing strategies, I have crossed off many from my list of favorites, which is a mistake sometimes. That is why a thorough search is often in order. 

I recently confused a New York City brand, created by former Pratt graduate and model Ryo Liu : Pinkyotto with an Italian one of a similar name: Pinko (are they kidding? Do they even know what that means over here?)

Both are kind of "out there" in terms of look. There isn't really a branding focus, other than "kooky", which fits both well. Pinkyotto is for a much younger age set, but Pinko actually has some nice things, and their sales are worth noting. 

Lightweight Green tweed fabric. A bit of Lurex woven in between. Pinko: $425.00


                                 A very lightweight Chanel-ish tweed jacket, easy to wear, Pinko: $545.00


This floral skirt is (once again) so light, stretchy fabric so it is very flattering without being too tight.  (Love the colors!) : Pinko: $230    Make sure to watch for sales which occur frequently, since they constantly update their collections.

Next on the classic quest is THEORY

Founded In 1997 by Andrew Rosen (former CEO of Anne Klein and a Calvin Klein executive) and Elie Tahari in New York City as a women's collection, with a focus on comfortable upscale, casual clothing for women. Two years later, a men's line was added. The Belgium designer, Olivier Theyskens headed the designs for the label from 2010 to 2015. It isn't clear who heads the label now, I could not get an answer from their P.R. department, frustrating to say the least. 

Here are some of the best pieces I found:

Red is still popping up everywhere. These crepe pants are easy and fit very nicely. The red t-shirt makes for a fire engine statement but a nice any other color shirt is a good compliment as well.


This black cap sleeve dress fits beautifully and can easily take one from work to a dressier evening . Theory: Crèpe Cap-Sleeve Shift Dress

And finally, this knit dress is really perfect for all ages. It comes in black and navy. Theory :Knit Novelty Checker Dress $455.00. My suggestion: (wait till they go on sale...)


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