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Voulez-vous SORTEER avec moi?
Voulez-vous SORTEER avec moi?


Voulez-vous SORTEER avec moi?

Who and what is this all about?

It's getting close to the weekend. You really love French Cinema and have not begun combing through all the different websites and organizations that list French movies. It's a hassle and takes time. That is where SORTEER comes into play. Now you can sign up and define which events you would like to hear about and be informed of all the French related events in your area. You can even buy your tickets at the same time, right on the Sorteer website.

I hope you have noticed the handy widget, at the bottom of each article page of this website. This makes it easy, while browsing through Hello-Janine's articles, to also keep an eye on all your favorite Francophile events AND, you can buy your tickets without switching pages.
If you are an organizer, it does not matter if your "free for all" event is not going to be the hottest ticket in town, you can advertise it on Sorteer for free, relax and sit back until opening night! Sign up to receive their newsletters, meet and mingle with French-speakers and Francophiles through Sorteer's social media and even practice your language skills. There is a large choice of events for all age groups, making the possibilities endless. 

SORTEER was founded in 2015 by business man and investor Eric Draghi. Eric is no stranger to unique conceptual ideas. In 2011 he and his wife started 1000 Passions, which had the unusual concept of having participants take the helm of various experiences. You could, for example, slip in the role of a chef for a while and experience all the challenges firsthand or become a distiller (with guidance) and so on. This kind of "do it yourself" kindred spirit, led to the creative concept of Sorteer. In many ways, Eric strives to keep his businesses alive with possibilities and room for growth. With conversation chat groups and planning French themed events with your Facebook friends, he keeps Sorteer a social experience, meant to encourage sharing and foster personal friendships. 


Eric was born near Paris. He majored in math and economy at the Université de Paris, Tolbiac and furthered his studies in Computer Science at MIAGE d'Orsay followed by a Master in Telecommunications. 

His first business venture was a choice of online platforms for the "Minitel". Note: the Minitel was a Videotex online service accessible through telephone lines, and was considered one of the world's most successful pre-World Wide Web online services, started in Brittany in 1978 and was widely used by 1982. From its early days, users could make online purchases, make train reservations, check stock prices, search the telephone directory, have a mail box, and chat in a similar way to what is now made possible by the Internet. In February 2009, France Telecom indicated the Minitel network still had 10 million monthly connections. France Télécom retired the service on 30 June 2012.


                                                         A Minitel, which existed in just about every home in France 

He chose to do his military service in Italy, became fluent in Italian and stayed on to manage the computer system for the French Embassy in Rome. Always resourceful, he was able to continue various technology solutions for Minitel in Italy. Then he moved back to France to create and sell call centers, automatic voice response systems and finally voice-over IP solutions for Telecom Operators as a partner in these different startups.

He met his American wife who was no stranger to business herself, as she founded a language school named "Business English Alliance", targeting non-English speakers in New York looking to improve their language skills in the workforce. She sold the company and moved to Paris to be with Eric. While there, the couple had two boys and in 2008, they moved to the United States, choosing to settle in Westchester. It was in 2010-2011, that Eric and his wife founded 1000 Passions.

Throughout the years, Eric has had his ups and downs. His passion for startup companies gives him the impetus to invest in the ones he believes in. "I have always been lucky to have kept myself from sinking too low and making millions at the end", as he put it. He considers that part of his success stems from choosing business ventures that cater to what people really want and need, and to always act with compassion, respect and honesty. In a way, Sorteer is a result of that belief.

Good luck to Eric and may his business ventures always be creative, useful and filled with imagination!

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